New projects

Anthology My son

The Worthy Bulgarians Foundation and the Union of the Bulgarian writers realize the joint idea for issue of the anthology „My Son”, which will include patriotic poetry from unknown and little known authors and creations intended for the young generations. It is forthcoming that the institutions will look for cooperation by the Ministry of education for the popularization of the anthology at the schools inBulgaria. The project is a result from our deep belief that our youth must be educated in patriotism.


Monument of Simeon Radev


Dear compatriots,

On December 6 last year, in the capital city garden, a monument of the great patriot, public figure, politician and banker Atanas Burov was opened. This was the first initiative of the "Worthy Bulgarians" Foundation.

The Foundation was established for the purpose of studying and making popular the life and work of Bulgarians from the past, who had contributed to prosperity and dignity ofBulgaria, who for one reason or another had been buried in oblivion. That was why we called them WORTHY BULGARIANS.

The most important goal of the Foundation is helping the society, as far as possible, to leave marks behind.

After opening themonumentofAtanas Burov, we were asked of what the next initiative of the Foundation would be. Our answer was that we were not going to stop here and soon we would announce our future plans.

We believe that the time has come to share our next endeavor. This will be the building of a monument of another Worthy Bulgarian – SIMEON RADEV. He was a builder of modernBulgaria, revolutionary, diplomat, writer and publicist, who wrote one of the truest books about our history, "The Builders of Modern Bulgaria". In order to be completely clear of why Simeon Radev deserves to be one of the Worthy Bulgarians, not only his books there shall be read, but also his press releases of the time. It is worth be known about his diplomatic mission abroad as well. This great patriot was forgotten by history, and that is why some people do not know the extent of his contributions to the Motherland.

We recommend, especially to the younger generation to get acquainted with the life and work of Simeon Radev, to understand why we call him a Worthy Bulgarian.

In order to realize this noble deed, we kindly address to all patriotic people for a support, either moral or material.

Donoring has helped and helps leaving marks to future generations. It is a God’s gift. We believe that as it was with themonumentofAtanas Burovand now in the same way there could be found precious Bulgarians, who love the history of their people and would help in erecting amonumentofSimeon Radev.