Iliya Georgiev – Artistic Biography

Илия ГеоргиевBorn on 04.12.1944 in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa. He originates from a „people`s enemy” family. He completes the secondary education in his native town and in 1970 he enrolls at the High Institute of Theater and Film Art of Krastio Sarafov /today NATFIZ/, in the class of prof. Philip Philipov. He participates in the performances: Chepornoy in  „Children of the Sun” /M. Gorky/, „Crazy Money” /Ostrovsky/ and the Clown in the „The Fan”/K.Goldony/. After completing the Academy he is assigned at the Drama Theater of Geo Milev, Stara Zagora. During four years at this theater he has taken part in 15 performances: Kebut in „passions under the elms”/Eu.O`Neill /, Makedonsky in „Hushove” Iv.Vazov/, The Savior in  „Roman bath”/St. Stratiev/ and others. In 1980 he joined the Drama theater of Boyan Danovsly, town of Pernik, where he works as an artist for 17 years. He has taken part in 53 performance of the theater: Tsar Petur in the Book of the Kings /M.Minkov/, Fero in the Regional Hospital/Hr. Boychev/, The gypsy Romanov in „Thousand meters above sea” /P. Marinkov/, The son in “The Crazy Tribe”/ Slave Makedonski/ and others.

In more of his student years he participates in films and TV performances.  Some of his most remarkable achievements in the cinema are The Big Borovan in the film Life or Death /1974/ of the producer Nedelcho Chernev, The Banner Man Kraycho Samohodov of the flying party of Benkovsky from the TV serial Records about the Bulgarian Uprisings /1979/ of the producers Boris Sharaliev and Veselin Branev, Misho in the film Man`s Song /1979/ of the producer Orpheus Tsokov, Danailov in the film  Mission of London /2010/ of the producer Dimitar Mitovsky. He participated in advertisements, as one of the most popular advertisement was the saloon manager Neshev, in the advertisements  Lukanka of Balkantourist.

At the present he participates in the performance „Sparks and Seasons”.