Open letter


Илия ГеоргиевPatriotic Bulgarians!

We would like to build a monument, which will remind the future generations that in our marvelous Fatherland have lived not only heroes and betrayers, but people who every day, dedicatedly and unselfishly, with their labor, abilities, talents and unlimited love to BULGARIA, have contributed for the dignity of our people. Therefore we call them WORTHY BULGARIANS.  

For one or another reason they were into oblivion. But they deserve respect and honor. Without knowing their names and their contribution to our FATHERLAND, we will have no future. And the future is created by the true Bulgarians from past and present.   


“The modern Bulgarians do not forget a single Bulgarian from the past”- АТАNAS BUROV.

We decided to build a monument of this patriot, public man, financier and politician. With this monument we shall give the necessary honor not only to the personality Burov, but to the whole generation of Bulgarians, who built the base and the prosperity of the Modern BULGARIA.

Prosperity was built with respect to the history and with thinking towards the future.